How To Choose Best Mobile App Reseller Program?

Starting your mobile app reseller business is an exciting and challenging activity, but it becomes even more interesting if you can make money with it. But before starting, you need to decide which revenue model is behind an app and which revenue model do I choose for your app? Read today How To Make Money By Selling Apps

Revenue models for mobile app reseller business

  • Sell ​​via the App Stores

The best known and obvious earnings model is selling an app through the App Stores. When an app user downloads an app, the payment is transferred to the App Stores. This gets a part of the sales price, for example, the Apple Store, Android Market and Windows Marketplace each ask 30% of the app's sales price. The earned amount is deposited into your bank account and the app owner also regularly receives a sales report with the most important developments concerning the app. Examples of paid apps are the TomTom app and the Time clocks app. Find here best  White Label App Builder

  • In-app purchases

Another revenue model for apps is generating sales in - or via - the app. With this form, money is earned on apps by, for example, selling extra levels or taking out a subscription to a monthly navigation service. A commonly used app strategy is offering trial versions of apps. This offers free trial versions, or trial versions, that expire after a few days. After the trial period, if you want to continue using the app, you must purchase the full version. For examples of such apps see Doula Childbirth Coach, Candy Crush Saga, and the Embroidery Pattern Creator app. (Google Docs)

  • In-app ads

In addition to selling apps through the application store or through in-app purchases, ads are another widely used revenue model for apps. This model is used among other things in games, where an advertisement regularly appears. This can be done either via a banner at the bottom of the screen or with ads that fill the entire screen for a few seconds. Advertising videos are also used nowadays. For every time an app user clicks on an ad, the app owner gets a small fee. Google, Apple, and Microsoft each offer an app advertising service; AdMob, Apple iAd and Microsoft pubCenter. Examples of in-app ads are the ads in the Ajax1 app.

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  • App as a promotional tool

An app can also serve as a promotional tool. Examples include the development of an app that can promote a product or service of an organization. In this way app development is a good investment with which innovative attention is requested for the product or service. This may lead to new sales with which the investment of the app is recouped.

  • Other revenue models

There are various other ways to make money with mobile app reseller program. An example of this is 'Groupon like apps.' Companies buy a number of credits, and in return they get a spot in the app. When a user of the app is in the vicinity of a company that has bought credits, they will see an action from this company, which they can then download and submit to the company. A good example of such an app earnings model is the Scoupy app.

Become A Mobile App Reseller

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